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The best canvas for the best content

It is INFiLED’s commitment to collaborate with virtual production professionals to design custom-made xR & VP studios, adapted to their creative needs in all kinds of fixed and rental applications for broadcasting and filming by offering high-end LED display solutions to build immersive and realistic virtual environments


The new era of broadcast & filmmaking

xR and VP are revolutionizing the industry of filmmaking and broadcasting. These new technologies are going to change the way we create content and tell stories. INFiLED LED display technology together withthe combination of software and hardware solutions offer tools that enhance the creativity of film,commercial and broadcast professionals.


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INFiLED's Virtual Studio Solution

Creating all kinds of environments

The replacement of traditional greenscreens by Virtual Studio Solutions creates a new paradigm for broadcasters and filmmakers. 

INFiLED develops high-end solutions using the most groundbreaking technology in the market, ensuring creative flexibility matching xR & VP production needs

Fractal Studio Set 2-01042.jpg

The system to create tailor-made sets

There are big differences between creating sets for major film productions, news programs, tv advertisements, or corporate events. INFiLED’s team is ready to help you design and develop tailor-made sets to bring your ideas to life within the budget.

Change the way stories are told

All INFiLED solutions offer the highest performance in the visual reproduction of content and become the best support for live and recorded productions.

The combination of LED backgrounds, ceilings and floors allows you to customise the set, offering great flexibility and ease of assembly in both fixed and rented installations

Fractal Studio Set 2-00951.jpg


LED Display Modular System for xR & 

Virtual Production

Modular system to create custom-made set compositions for all kinds of virtual production studios: filming, broadcasting, commercials, and corporate events. Combine the virtual ceiling, virtual background, and virtual  floor displays to build up the right composition.


INFiLED’s NEW background technology is the first flat and curved virtual studio solution on the market using panels to create a seamless curve.



6 copia.png


Flat + Curved


 DB Pro S8 + XII Series


Traditional virtual productions use flat display panels to build the studio background, which are interconnected under an angle to create a curve. These columns create edges (lines) that are very noticeable on camera. To avoid or minimise them you need to make postproduction adjustments or run real-time solutions (SW + HW). These solutions entail an extra cost in filming and broadcasting productions

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Fractal Studio Set 2-01073.jpg

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Our partners

“It’s a pleasure to have partnered with INFiLED on this fantastic project. The product installation was smooth as expected and our customers are impressed by the quality of the screens. The stage looks stunning on and off camera”, said Julien Colet, CEO of Virtual Display Services


"ICT and INFiLED developed the new flat and curved LED Solution to create the next Generation ICVFX stage, first implemented at HALOSTAGE. HALOSTAGE is the leading IC VFX Studio that can be deployed in every studio worldwide. We are delighted to have the best partner we can imagine: INFiLED", said Erik Wolff, CEO of Halostage and COO of ICT AG.

"xR is revolutionising the industry and is opening up creative options that we could only dream of 2 years ago. It is on the same scale as the introduction of digital editing coming from tapes, or the access to VFX we have all been enjoying in recent years. Being as forward-thinking as it is, the UAE can become a bedrock of this technology by attracting and educating the creative talent pool and productions,” said Azin Samarmand, Managing Director of Fractal Studio


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